When Jason and I started looking into preschools for Emma, everyone we know had a suggestion or recommendation. It was great to have so many options, but it was also pretty overwhelming! When we came to check out TBA it just felt right. The world we live in is much different from the world I grew up in. Technology is everywhere. Children are expected to obtain a certain skill set much earlier than ever before, which puts play on the back burner in many educational settings. When you said that technology wasn’t part of the day and learning was done through play, the teacher in me was sold!

Emma’s first day of preschool is one I will never forget! The mom in me was a mess. How could my baby be going to school already?! I watched the other parents wave goodbye to their children and walk out the door. I hugged Emma and cried. I was so anxious about leaving her with anyone other than a grandmother, pop pop, or aunt. I will never forget Miss Pilar’s kind face, words and attention to my daughter. Not only did she put Emma at ease, she helped me too. She is a very special person and amazing with the kids! 

You are also a very special person! There is no way the program could be what it is without you. When Emma talks about you, her eyes light up! (The same could be said about all of her grandparents.) She wants to take care of the earth and play the guitar! She wants to have Shabbat every Friday and start a garden! She wants to do mitzvahs and treat others kindly! You have instilled values in Emma, and many children, that are pure and beautiful! I am going to try my best to nurture and grow them! 

I cried throughout graduation (especially during the slideshow), but it was a much different cry than her first day in the 3s. How could it be over already? How could she have grown so much? Will her next school experience be as warm and rich as TBA was? 

I’m not sure what kindergarten will bring for my girl, but I know she has a solid foundation to build on. The two years Emma spent at TBA were wonderful and I am so thankful she was able to have it before she starts kindergarten, or as everyone calls it now, the new first grade. It was much more than just school and learning letters and numbers. It was learning to socialize, share, resolve conflicts, talk about feelings, treat others kindly, culture and being part of a community.

Thank you for everything, Amy! We will surely never forget you! 

-Lesley and Jason Guttman